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Albuquerque's Futon Store

Futons and Frames has the largest selection of futons and frames in Albuquerque. Every futon and frame in the store is always in stock. Futons and Frames offers same-day delivery so you can enjoy your new futon right away. Futons and Frames is Albuquerque's original futon store, and is locally owned and operated. Come in today and view our full line of futons and frames.

Why buy a futon?

Futons are a great alternative to traditional beds and couches. Futons are stylish, portable, extremely comfortable for sitting or sleeping, and are very affordable. Futons are also great space-saver for apartments, dorms, or kids rooms.

To contact Futons and Frames via email, please use this address: FutonsAndFramesABQ@gmail.com To reach us by phone, call (505) 881-6863 for our Albuquerque location.

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